25 questions you should ask Photographer

1. Did you sometime remove weddings in these parts? What turned out?

If the photographer conducted shooting where there will take place your wedding, you will be acquainted with material and consulted about the possible situations connected with nuances which anyway can affect quality of work of the operator and on the pictures received as a result. It can be both lighting, and color scale of an interior of cafe from within, arrangement of tables and free space around them. And also about need of coordination with a management of the venue of a celebration about a possibility of independent inclusion / switching off of the main lighting in time which is not taken under a disco.

2. What main style of shooting?

It is possible that your couple is creative and is not diffident that you wanted to organize on the wedding day a photoshoot in style of a nu, but the photographer essentially does not undertake similar work because he has no experience with similar style. It is very important to discuss style and details of shooting in advance. A lot of things depend on it. Weddings are different. Discuss with the photographer to what fine details he has to pay attention that from attributes he is obliged “to take” at the time of shooting and what to avoid. If your wedding takes place, for example, in Gangster style, then the atmosphere of mafia clans lace on the bride’s dress, its narrow or direct silhouette, a fur cape on shoulders, a veil instead of a veil favorably will emphasize, a boa of the witness, the card, guns, a beads, gloves, cigars, a retro the car and many other things. It is best to warn about existence of these attributes of the photographer in advance that he could organize shooting time most effectively. If the style of your shooting assumes some bias in the Retro and you would like to see a couple of photos in black-and-white option, report about it to the photographer. Discuss, where exactly you would like to make these pictures. Because not each place is suitable for similar shooting.

3. Do you shoot mainly in color or take also the black-and-white picture?

There is an opinion that any wedding photo can be translated in black-and-white color and it will remarkably look. I hurry to tell you that it not absolutely so. The black-and-white photo is a separate art. Not each photo in color will convey also well the meaning if to decolor it. And almost the majority of black-and-white photos lose the attractiveness if to return them color. Try to get acquainted with a portfolio of the photographer and to understand, his view of similar pictures is how close to you. If you like to see the wedding photos exclusively in color, the photographer is obliged to know it and to build shooting taking into account your wishes.

4. Whether the photographer works with the assistant and whether there is for it an extra charge

Let’s begin with the fact that the Photo does not happen without light. Of course, it is known of photographing in the spectral ranges invisible to an eye, but here it is about the traditional photo. Almost the statement that the good picture is “taken” by lighting became the truth. Control of light devices – the first and main duty of the assistant. To transfer, put-spread out racks and lighting fixtures, to lay wires, to establish the necessary scheme of lighting, to measure the level of lighting and to establish the correct power of devices – all this the assistant does. In dynamic wedding shooting work with a portable softbox which can provide the quite good reflected light, and the best means for movement, than a leg of the competent assistant often is required, did not invent yet. Possibly, your wedding will drop out for cloudy, windless, not rainy day and it not to be necessary for shooting for the most part of the equipment, in this case the photographer can do without assistant that probably will reduce shooting cost a little. Anyway, you should discuss this moment. But the photographer and only the photographer can make the decision – to work with the assistant or without him. If your wedding is planned to be low budget and you decided to save, having persuaded the photographer to work without assistant, thereby having reduced the total cost of a wedding, be ready that some pictures will not be such what they could be. And the photographer will warn you about it.

5. Whether the reserve equipment will be used?

It is a question of secure as all understand that the wedding day cannot be repeated, and the equipment has property to refuse to work at midpoint. And the additional, reserve equipment is a great advantage to the photographer less nervous tension for the client.

6. How many photos you process and how many, approximately, photos we will receive as a result?

How many exists photographers, it is so much also styling of work. Each photographer has ways, the receptions and developed for years, governed. The main thing that they coincided with your vision of the wedding photo in general and, did not arise the conflict because of misunderstanding or any reticence subsequently.

There are photographers who process 3-4% of percent of total number of pictures, and the rest is given “as is”. Some photographers process all photos that considerably improves their look, and also increases their cost, but reduces quantity as the photographer chooses the pictures having a certain art value. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember one thing: the number of clicks of a lock never coincides with the number of photos at the exit. It will be very unpleasant if you begin to demand from the photographer to give you all pictures, even those which he rejected. And only because you precisely remember that you three times, but not one “clicked”. It is all the same that to ask the cook to return you potatoes peel after a great lunch. The photographer can make five photos of one your pose and as a result give one picture of the most successful foreshortening which will cause admiration and delight. And the most banal reason for which you cannot receive some picture though you precisely remember that you posed and the photographer removed you: defocusing. In the mode of dynamic shooting it is very difficult to distinguish it on the place if she insignificant, but it becomes madly a pity when to a general regret, she is found later, at a stage of processing of photos.

The disappointment of the photographer will be at all not less, than yours, believe. Because for him each successful shot is an inspiration, a victory and pride. Let’s understand a little what is a defocusing?

Often happens when the good shot is spoiled by the fact that the main subject badly got to focus, i.e. in the picture we see him not sharp. In some scenes it is difficult to automatic equipment be guided at the main object as it cannot simply allocate it. It happens when it is necessary to photograph in the conditions of bad lighting or to remove the object which is behind lattice rods, behind tree branches and so forth. At the same time, it is impossible to estimate lighting by our usual look. The equipment “sees” everything and perceives differently.

Newlyweds should consider (especially in the winter) that high-quality photographing on the street with approach of twilight becomes almost impossible. If still we resolve an issue with automatic focusing by transfer of the equipment to the manual mode, then an unexpected surprise of the camera with the missed the mark focus despite all efforts of the photographer, too happens. I not for nothing tell you about it. The thing is that recently the defocusing began to become fashionable. And some photos which earlier and you, and many photographers would send to a basket as they marriage, are an example of style and an extraordinary view of things now. Therefore, if the photographer uses similar reception in work, ask him to show you on an example and solve whether it is worth using him in your shooting and whether you consider it marriage. If your view of similar things coincides, you can receive a number unusual, but not all clear, somewhere even associative pictures. Anyway, it is necessary to discuss this issue.

7. In what look we will receive photos: on the electronic medium or online?

Why it is necessary to ask this question when the answer seems to you quite obvious. Practically all photographers give a disk with the photos which are written down on it through time stipulated in the contract. Sometimes besides the main disk the photographer at your request makes two or three of his copies. Usually main disk is postponed “for the distant shelf”, and copies are checked, transferring to relatives, parents and acquaintances. But even copies, happens, are lost or are unintentionally scratched, failing. It would not be desirable to mention absolutely fatal cases, such as fire or theft, but life happens everyone. The photographer in turn, unfortunately, too not to store your wedding on the computer in forces is eternal. Especially it is relevant in the heat of a wedding season when in a month about 8-9 weddings collect, and these are about three hundred gigabytes of memory. And, transferring you a disk with photos, it is important to photographer to be convinced whether photos are available to viewing and everything is executed as it was conceived. Then photos are removed from his computer. Therefore, in case of loss of wedding photos by you, the photographer at all desire to help you will not be able. And only if you received pictures on a disk and at the same time by e-mail, you have a chance to restore them. That is to find the letter with the files attached in it and to download them on the computer. (Besides if the letter is not removed and access to a mailbox remained. But that’s another story). 

8. Whether you do trial shooting prior to a wedding?

The trial photoshoot or as it is called still, love story, entered practice of the wedding photographer quite recently, but very much facilitated his work and decorated not one family album of clients. In fact, from the name it is clear that love story is story of your love. Now the increasing and bigger number of newlyweds organize such production photoshoots. The photoshoot of love story is organized some days before the wedding and gives the chance to couple to take beautiful pre-weeding pictures.

Having made love story photoshoot, you combine business with pleasure. First, you get used to the cam and to the photographer, at a wedding you will behave much more relaxedly and practically not to notice her. The photographer in a quiet situation will prompt you the most successful foreshortenings, together with you will look for beautiful shots, you recognize the photographer closer that in day of the wedding to take of each other the hint. Thanks to it you receive great and natural photographing. Secondly, photos of love story can be placed in a wedding album as the preface to wedding pictures or to create for them separate photo albums.

When choosing the photographer for a wedding and love story be guided by that he already had an experience in this type of shooting, existence of a good portfolio and responses is not less important. Having chosen the photographer, learn what ideas of photoshoots he can offer, probably, you will want to make shooting of love story according to the own scenario. Generally, the photoshoot prior to a wedding is separate service, but many photographers provide this service as a gift and a bonus to the wedding photo.

Usually photographers offer several standard scenarios for shooting.

You can think over for love story the scenario and an image independently, having discussed all this previously with the photographer, but the service of the stylist and makeup artist remains the best option for creation of an image. In that case you will be sure that your images will be in harmony with conditions where your love story is removed. Besides if services of the makeup artist very much are pleasant to you, you can invite him for a wedding make-up you and bridesmaids. Having organized a photoshoot in love story style, you keep fine and romantic photos how your family arose. And also, great popularity is gained by broadcast of the presentations with photos of love story during the wedding banquet.

9. Whether accept you the list of concrete photos which have to be made?

For certain, the situation when preparing for own wedding is familiar to you, you begin to remember unusual beauty of the photo which saw after the wedding at the girlfriend or accidentally came across on one of the websites on the Internet. They sank to you into the soul and at own wedding you would like to pose likewise and to receive photos if not same then approximately of this kind. If this is so, then this point for you is especially relevant because those photos most brightly show your ideas of a perfect wedding and photoshoot. Do not forget that the wedding day – an event, to put it mildly, nervous and bustling even if today so it does not seem to you. It is quite probable that because of experiences you will not be able to hear and correctly understand the photographer’s requests, so not to receive as a result of desirable photos. Leaning on the long experience, I want to tell that it is the best to ask to accept the similar list of photos in two cases: if you professional model or if you ordered trial shooting and rehearsed all desirable shots on her.

10. In case celebration longer lasts, than was planned whether you will be able to remain? What surcharge will be for it?

If your photographer had initially hourly payment, then in respect of calculation, problems should not arise. It will be necessary only to specify whether he will be agrees to work over the stipulated time.

11. In what terms will photos be ready?

Usually terms are always specified in the contract, but mostly they are approximate during a season of weddings (May-October) and are more exact in the rest of the time. The photographer is obliged to warn you about it. It is possible to ask him to send you in a week a little (to 10) pictures in processing that you had an opportunity if desired not only to lay out them on the website in social nets, but also previously to estimate processing.

12. Whether you make out the photobook whether you print out photos? Whether this service is paid separately?

If you wanted to issue beautifully wedding photos and to order the photobook, surely take an interest at the photographer whether he has an experience in its creation. Probably, other person, the designer will be engaged in it. In order that the book pleased you for many years, it is necessary to estimate quality of pictures, a cover of which material it is made, on a bright example. If you liked a sample, do not forget to ask in what printing house your book will be made. It can turn out that the book will be created in other place and, not necessarily of course, but most likely, will begin to differ by the form, to quality and materials.

The same concerns photos in the unpacked look.

13. Whether you give source codes?

This clause of the contract is very important for the photographer. The fact is that he directly is also indirectly connected with his rights for pictures if it is about the NEF files of a format. Therefore, these files always remain with the author. If it is the JPG files, but without any processing, the photographer can agree to give them to you on condition that they will be used for personal viewing, but not for display as an example of its works.

For such example there are pictures in special, author’s processing with addition in the form of the copyright.

14. Whether there are some additional expenses?

It can be expenses on the road to you and back on the wedding day. A lunch or a dinner if shooting lasts long, costs of material to shooting if you not buy attributes, and you use service of the photographer in development something original, it is concrete for your celebration, etc. If additional expenses are expected, take an interest when it is best to bring payment. After material purchase the photographer is obliged to submit to you the full report on expenses. Be ready to pay some sum over the provided checks if material was used for creation of attributes of author’s handwork. The photographer to you also has to sound this sum in advance.

15. On your website I see your latest works?

Very often the photographer posts only a two-three of the most effective and memorable pictures from each photoshoot on the website. It and is clear as all photoshoot or any other action may contain hundreds of pictures and to examine them happens not so much not interestingly how many it is tiresome. Therefore, to estimate work of the photographer on employed on the website, it is difficult if it concerns a wedding. The dynamic nature of a celebration, populousness, constantly changing situation, lighting and the nature of shooting, forces operators to be able to be guided quickly on a situation. Not everyone can do it. Therefore, ask the photographer to show you couple of film-making days entirely. You will be able to estimate as the photographer works at the street, in a registry office, at cafe, at studios and to solve whether what was seen satisfies you.

16. Do you have familiar makeup artists, hairdressers, video operators with whom you cooperate long ago and whom you can recommend?

If the experience of the photographer is quite impressive and is estimated not one year of work, for certain its telephone directory dazzles with the improbable number of “useful acquaintances”. And it can be not only above-mentioned experts, but also the host, the DJ, decorators, musical and dancing ensembles, circus actors, studios, shops of souvenirs and gifts. In a word everything that can be useful to you in preparation for a wedding.

17. What to do if plans cardinally changed since morning on the wedding day or practically on the eve of the celebration?

To notify on it the photographer!

Happens that for months the planned wedding unexpectedly goes not as there was a wish. Naturally, it cannot but upset. There is a nervous situation, tension and vanity appears. The bride on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a tear and the disappointment is forced her to think of the worst succession of events. First, kind of it is banal did not sound, it is necessary to exhale and try to calm down. And also, to remember one simple, but OBLIGATORY rule: if more than 10 people are invited to a wedding, only newlyweds should not be engaged in the organization of a wedding at all!

Parents, witnesses, friends or relatives, but not newlyweds can be organizers. Future spouses can state the wishes, check process of their performance prior to a wedding, but On the WEDDING DAY any of the organizational moments should not concern them. Otherwise, it will be possible to observe how the groom only also does that “sits” on phone, trying to discover the free car, the flowers or replaceable shoes of the bride which accidentally appeared in the car which went to cafe that champagne which has to be taken, but it for some reason did not appear. Organizational issues, newlyweds often is not able to be distracted by shooting and to be adjusted on a romantic harmony that by all means will be reflected in the photo. Recently began good tradition to employ the organizer of weddings. This is the specific person who will undertake the most part of the most nervous work this day. You should not think every minute, but whether you forgot something. He will think of everything about it. The photographer this person is not.

18. Whether there are certain rules to which we are obliged to follow in the REGISTRY OFFICE?

Yes. Such rules are. The first what you have to remember is to arrive to the REGISTRY OFFICE of minutes for 20 before registration and to give passports and rings to the worker of the REGISTRY OFFICE. If it is impossible to arrive in time, it is not necessary to worry. For your time will quickly define another couple, and will put you in the released “window”. It is clear, that in this case registration of marriage can quicker take place, than it was planned therefore be ready to it. Before registration to you will make short recommendations, try to remember them.

The second that is not less important, never forget that you are photographed. Passing to the hall under solemn sounds of music, it is not necessary to go at considerable distance from each other. It is best if you enter, holding hands or if the bride takes the groom by an arm. The last option is suitable for what bride has a skirt of a wedding dress not too magnificent and allows to approach close the groom. Council for the bride: if your dress quite volume and long, rehearse the gait some days before the wedding. You should learn to hold a skirt with one hand, sometimes keeping in her and a bouquet. It is extremely inconvenient and demands skill. But perfectly looks in the photo, unlike those pictures when with a bouquet there is a groom or the witness. At an entrance to the hall of weddings do not look around, under legs or on a chandelier whatever interesting the interior seemed to you! You look forward and smile. Do not dart sidelong glances. If your attention was drawn by a huge crystal chandelier, look at it, having raised the head and with the shining smile.

As soon as crossed a threshold of the hall of weddings, begin to do everything very slowly. Especially it belongs to putting down of signatures and putting on of rings. Try at least 5-10 not to tear off seconds a feather from paper. Give to the photographer time to make several doubles of this important point. And photographing speed – 1 shot in 3-5 seconds is time of a charge of a flashlight.

Groom and bride! You watch yourself when your second half appends the signature – at this moment you are removed too. Best just attentively watch how she (he) does it.

Very slowly put on each other rings. Make so that both the ring and hands were visible to the photographer and the video operator directly during putting on, but not after that (not so just to make it, apparently, and it is possible even to be trained at home). And if it is impossible so that it was visible, then be not confused and let will be as is. It is improbable to twist hands too is not necessary. Also remember, the most important – persons!

The third: changes therefore it is necessary to listen attentively to the one someone carries out your registration are made to solemn registration from time to time. Earlier after the words “I declare you the husband and the wife”, the words “congratulate each other the first matrimonial kiss” sounded. By new rules after the announcement you spouses, the anthem of the Russian Federation sounds. Guests have to rise. About when you are able to congratulate each other, you will be told by all means.

The fourth: directly at the time of the first matrimonial kiss try not to get up to the operator a back. Ask the photographer to show you as it is best to get up and where at this moment there will be he. The groom, having received the marriage certificate, do not hide him, and show to people around. Wait until the photographer makes 2-3 photos (it can be determined by the number of flashes).

The fifth and the last in this point – warn guests and do not forget, having entered the REGISTRY OFFICE, it is necessary to disconnect or put cell phones on the silent.

19. Whether there are unforeseen situations at weddings because of which work of the photographer can be interrupted?

Unfortunately, such situations happen, but they can easily be avoided if to foreknow about them. Some of photographers ask the clients to show consideration for shooting and to be prepared for it in advance, having carefully re-read several times the contract. If on the wedding day there are any circumstances or requirements (for example, change of the venue of walk without preliminary arrangement with the photographer) which in a root contradict terms of the contract, the photographer has the right to refuse to continue implementation of the obligations.

It concerns also that case when guests wish to photograph independently young people, distracting on itself their attention and refusing to listen to requests, to postpone their personal photoshoot for some time.

The next moment of which it is necessary to think in advance is not absolutely sober guests. Seldom, when the wedding does without alcoholic drinks. What wedding without them? But, I think, you should not remind, as the behavior of guests this day can be unpredictable. Define in advance two-three low-drinking people, having agreed with them which if something happens will be able quietly to deactivate the noisy guest and if necessary to call to him the taxi, having sent him home. Acquaint the photographer with these people that he obviously knew someone it is possible to address if the noisy guest began to interfere with shooting. Otherwise the photographer also has the right to finish the work or to stop it for a while.

Take an interest in advance as the photographer treats consumption of alcoholic drinks at weddings. If he refuses flatly even the easiest and low alcohol drinks, it is not necessary to offer you to him them during a feast again and again. Will be to give an opportunity of access to several cups of tea enough what he will be immensely grateful to you for. If the photographer does not refuse to drink a glass – another, I advise to look narrowly at him more attentively and to decide whether it is worth working with him further.

20. What if less, than in 2-3 weeks prior to a wedding did we find other photographer, and the contract with you is already signed and the deposit is paid?

On the same day, when you made the decision to employ other photographer, you are obliged to be stopped ringing, without shifting this duty to someone, or to send on an e-mail the notice of termination of the contract by you. The notice has to comprise your request, the signature of the person who signed the terminated contract and the real date. If you prefer to be stopped ringing, make a call from that phone number which was previously left to the photographer for communication with you.

21. Someone is the photographer obliged to photograph at a wedding?

At first sight the question seems a little strange. Someone how to it to photograph not young people? Well, guests a little bit, a little bit parents. Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunt, uncle and all close relatives. But the question only seems simple. Actually everything is a little more interesting. There are situations when someone from relatives or guests refuses to be photographed later, looking through the wedding disk, newlyweds do not find it on one of shots. You should not attack on the photographer at once and to accuse him of carelessness, try to find out the reason from the guest at first. In my practice even brides who after the first minute on walk spoke met “will be enough”, refusing to pose. Do not forget that you solved – whether you need the photographer on a wedding. And if you say to the photographer that you do not want to pose as initially agreed, then this your right, but then you should not expect from him those pictures which could be if not it “will be enough”.

22. Whether the photographer can be at a wedding at the same time both photo and the video operator?

With restrictions, it is possible to answer in the affirmative what yes, can, in modern professional cameras there is a function of video. Now these cameras shoot videos which you can see on the central television. But here the quality of work of such multiarmed god Shiva (the photographer and the video operator in one person), will undoubtedly suffer. The photographer for you can film one or two moments and, but here finish shooting the qualitative video and at the same time manage to catch all important points and to capture them on a film, he technically will not be able. If you meet the person who will promise you to make also video and a photo independently, without resorting to the help someone else and to make it qualitatively, do not trust, miracles do not happen. It too most as though the surgeon tried to perform work of the cook and was prepared by a dessert during difficult operation. Probably, something one at him would turn out, but most likely, neither that, nor another will turn out.

The choice always for you. But anyway, you have to understand accurately what result you receive as a result. Whether it is worth saving on one of the most important days in the life, to solve to you.

23. Whether there is a difference in how to pose for the photographer and how to work with the video operator?

In my opinion, the difference is also quite notable. What is good for video filming is not always suitable for a photoshoot. There are moments when both cameramen at the same time can shoot one plot. But is also such when you have to repeat the same actions for each operator separately. Discuss it, having made an appointment along with a photo and the video operator, or use option when operators work in couple not one year and shooting in this case – the process adjusted. The last option is good also the fact that you should not worry about the process of shooting, about whether operators will interfere with each other and as they in general will work well together. Probably, the photographer will have a couple of pictures which will demonstrate to you what you should not do and that turns out if forget about councils of the photographer.

24. I do not consider myself “photogenic” and badly I photograph. May you make me “beautiful”?

Let’s not say that all this complexes which, of course, it is from the childhood because ugly people are not in principle (we do not take physical defects into account). And so, what can make us beautiful in the photo? Of course – a smile. Even if so left that your smile differs from ideal, all the same smile. First, it gives you a happy look that in wedding photos is irreplaceable, invaluable and looks smartly. Secondly, it is easier to correct shortcomings of this sort in the Photoshop, than “to draw” a smile on your face.

Be on the wedding day in great mood, smile, you love each other, feel happiness and joy, and then your photos will be the most beautiful. Your mood and a state will be visible in photos. Even the most venerable photographer will not be able to create a masterpiece if in a lens there is no love. If to treat a wedding not as by a holiday and as to serving of a duty, then nothing good from this will leave. In this case pre-weeding shooting will be as it is impossible by the way. You will be able to work those poses which will just help you not to have complex on the wedding day by means of the photographer and to feel freely because you will accurately know – in pictures everything will turn out remarkably. If remains to time prior to a wedding a little and there is no possibility of carrying out similar shooting, ask the photographer to give to you several advices and try to remember them.

Anyway, you should not count that the photographer by default, editing wedding photos, will take away your second chin in all pictures, will reduce you by ten kilograms, will clean a skin on your face because before a wedding unexpectedly the pimple foully jumped out or will begin to govern a hairstyle because in an hour after hairdressing salon it was disheveled. A hairstyle and a make-up – work and responsibility of other experts. And the photographer is not responsible for it. You can ask him to make a deep retouch with all above-mentioned on ten the best photos and it is considered norm.

– do not expect advice to the bride that the wedding dress will remain snow-white and clean till latest evening. Remember the most important: nobody, except you, gives great value to dirty spots on a dress. Nothing will be visible also in photos.

25. Whether you work for free?

At first sight the question seems inappropriate as hardly the photographer will agree to work all day and not to receive any material remuneration for the work. But I will tell so – there are those someone agree to similar adventures 🙂 Provided that your shooting will be absolutely extraordinary and will interest the photographer. Only be careful and be convinced that for shooting of your wedding there is a professional, but not beginning photographer who agreed to work free of charge and to get as a reward invaluable experience at a wedding. In the latter case nobody will give guarantee that photos in general will turn out.