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Tips and encouragement for wannabe models

As you already know cam girls on Jasmin website provide kind of escort services and their goals is to attract chatters to private shows. They sell time of private erotic strip shows and also gets additional income by selling photos and recorded videos.

From the perspective of a cam girl you can see a very attractive way to earn a living when people are inviting you for flirt and webcam chat. At first it looks like an easy career.

All you have to do is flirt a little bit in front of your webcam and money starts flowing. Sound too good to be true? Well you are right!

Real cam girl job is far different from what you may think. Of course, all girls have to flirt and chat with their room guests at first, but to make a decent living you have to have skills to attract them to private room, which is costly for members. Flirting and looking good in a free chat is just a small portion of your job.

Always know that in live streams you need to do only what is comfortable to you and have your limits. You don’t have to make all wishes of your visitors to come true.

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The hard part is making guys go private and be charged per minute for spending time with you alone. This is where you need skills to make guys happy and keep them coming back. As you know 80/20 rule where small portion of customers bring you the most income – this is true on Jasminlive because a few returning customers will make your life much easier than getting new ones each time you go online. So, making a good impression and having guys falling in love with you in private shows is an essential skill that every cam girl should have. Don’t worry, its learnable, practice makes it perfect.

All the top models of Jasmin website are there for a long time and they took that road to be at the top. They make decent living, but if you ask them how they reached that, they all say one thing – hard work online and practicing flirting skills.

Knowing what a man wants helps a lot in most cases as every guy is different and his wishes and secret desires are unique. The best way to find out is to ask guys questions – that way you get to know your customer better and can offer him what he wants. Of course, in private show only. That way if you are doing a good job in private the guy will come back to you once or twice a week for more. This is the true.

So girls don’t give up early and know what success on Jasmin cams is only achievable with hard work and practicing flirting skills every day and night. Make a plan to go live each day or by other schedule and don’t give up for a at least few months.

You will be surprised how much you can learn about camming in a few months and your success will come!