How To Make Money as Webcam Model

webcam model work

In this article, I want to share with readers, the personal experience a web model.

One my acquaintance, told me about the website for webcam model from which it is possible to earn, and I decided to try.

Not especially straining and not going on compromises with the moral principles, I managed to come to earnings more than $800 dollars a month.

If such way of earnings is interesting, I invite to read about my experience, it will be interesting.

What represents such live sex chat website? It is the entertaining resource belonging to the category (18+), providing video communication between the registered users and models, online.

Communication, can happen free of charge – in an open chat, and on a paid basis – in the closed “private” chats. “Private chats” are divided into three categories.

  •     “The group chat” – in it model can communicate with several users, beginning from two. Communication can last until the model does not stop it, or the last user will not leave a chat.
  •     “The private chat” – communication happens between model and only one user whom the model let in “private”. For an additional fee, other users can peep at what happens in a chat, but cannot make comments or write in it.
  •     “Full private” – communication happens only between one user and model, happening in this chat, completely is not available to other users.

Having started the broadcasting, all models, at first get to an open chat.

Being in an open chat, each model can see how many users watch its broadcasting, and what balance of the account at these users.

Models can send written messages to other users, or communicate with the help of the microphone. The audience can give “tip” to models, or invite them in “private”.

Internal payment unit on the website, are tokens. For them visitors can invite model in a private chat.

One token, is approximately equal to 6 Euro cents for models, and for visitors one token costs 11-16 Euro cents. On this difference the website forms the income.

Such work seemed to me interesting. Work of webcam model is something average, between the model and the film actress.

Plus, I hoped to gain not bad income. No special skills were required, the schedule free, and, above all it was possible to begin almost from scratch.

The computer with the webcam at me were, and qualitative the Internet connection today, already practically everywhere – norm.


As for registration, it consists of several stages.

The first is a registration of the account where the website asks you, to specify your biographical particulars. It is necessary to treat it seriously, specify everything most truthfully as these data, in a consequence can be necessary for recovery of the password to your private office and also for verification of the personality at a conclusion of the earned money.

Further, the scan of the copy or a photo of high quality, your documents will be necessary. In my case it was the passport.

First of all, it is necessary to confirm your majority. And also, you will be asked to send the instant photo made the webcam and one more photo with your document at the level of the person to confirm that this account you, but not someone register another according to your documents.

Further, will ask to specify payment service provider by means of which you plan to withdraw the earned money.

In my case – it is ePayments, but it is possible to bring also to WebMoney.

In couple of days, you receive the notice, on e-mail specified by you that your account is active.

The second stage is a filling of a page of your profile on the website with which information, will be available to all registered users of the website.

It will be offered to you to fill out the questionnaire which contains questions of your sex and sexual orientation.

The qualitative, interesting photo which could interest other users is required to communicate to you, when viewing your page.

    When filling a profile, it is necessary to be very attentive and accurate not to specify superfluous, and not to open to other users, original information on itself, and the real location.

By the way, on a resource there is such option which allows to disconnect users from your region that gives the additional chance, to exclude a casual meeting on the website, with people familiar to you.

But it is better to disconnect all Russian-speaking audience because, proceeding from personal experience, money they pay very little, but not adequate there is a lot of.

With the full instruction for registration, it is possible to examine on the website, there everything is in detail stated in Russian. And technical support too Russian-speaking.

There now, having passed all stages of registration, time to earn money came. Of course, my first visit of free chats of other models, left a burdensome and oppressive impression.

The first thought was: “My God where I got”? At once jokes, about the short German films shot on figure were remembered.

It is good that on a page of my private office these miracles of a creative were not broadcast. But, I a pier to see at once balance of the account, and balance of the account of the users who are on my page. To a huge regret, most of them had a zero balance.

    To begin the first broadcasting, it was hardest.

It was not clear to me how to behave and in what to put on, where to broadcast, and what is the time to devote to it. But all this was resolved somehow by itself.

The computer was stationary, in my room. Therefore, broadcast from it. The clothes were not rich. Found couple of fitting topics, a miniskirt and sandals on a hairpin.

For this side job, I had free time only in the evenings when parents were already at home and therefore about any non-senses in front of the webcam, there could not be also a speech.

And heart-to-heart talks after midnight in English, mother would hardly estimate so need for the microphone, disappeared on family circumstances.

By the way, my colloquial English, is approximately equal to zero. But now, I perfectly own the online translator.

The first days were absolutely sad, from the monetary point of view. But I did not respond, this project did not demand financially any expenses, but all educational tasks, I made in front of the included camera.


On what, it is necessary to pay attention, before broadcasting.

It is a background which your visitors can see. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the matter very carefully.

Try to direct the camera so that in a shot everything was tidied ideally up, the grandmother’s carpet on a wall did not loom, the cat in a chair did not wash, and your boobs did not hang on a chair back.

Your camera has to be with the decent permission, it is desirable with HD quality. Take care of good lighting as the main, and about additional.

For example, use a desk lamp or a floor lamp which will shine because of the camera, but not in it. In a shot, you have to be very effective.

You watch a hairstyle. It is desirable that the make-up was bright, and lips made up.

Separately take care of manicure because your hands, constantly will be in a shot in the foreground.

Pay attention to in what you are put if your legs get into the shot.

Try to be sexually attractive to the maximum, this main thing, then you will be able to attract visitors in the chat-rum.

At the beginning, I just sat and watched by eye cameras, and could not understand why so few users are interested in me.

Then, began to do fitness in front of the camera. And then, I had an idea, to organize mini-performances.

One of options was such. I played from myself the silly schoolgirl who are not successful in homework in any way.

It was necessary to work a little bit over change of a hairstyle, tied two tails on each side. I turned in front of the camera on a chair, licked lips.

Bit a thick marker. Pretended that I try to get a ruler, without rising from the place, and tried to keep step with it through all table, so that in a shot on all screen, “accidentally” got deep push on a breast at an undershirt.

Then pretended that I fly into a rage, tore a leaf on which, allegedly wrote something and threw scraps up. Further, represented that calmed down, did up hair, rose and started walking about the room, bending in different fore shortenings to the webcam, collected the scattered scraps, so that the audience could see what short skirt at me.

    Generally, for users it is necessary to try to organize some show which they with pleasure will watch.

The main income, at this stage, to me was brought by a tip from users. I want to note that a tip to me left, even when I was not in broadcasting, and the camera was switched simply on. Attacked, something about two dollars for an hour.

For the first month of such work I had slightly more than 150 dollars. Then, through my fault, because of carelessness at registration, I had difficulties with withdrawal of money.

The website, before withdrawal of funds, requested additional verification of the personality, and very long rejected a photo of my documents, referring to poor quality of pictures.

And only after communication with service of technical support, transferred money for my e-wallet.

Then, so it happened that about two years I was not engaged in this subject, on a different variety of reasons, beginning from breakage of the computer and finishing with change of the residence and also change of the status of marital status.

And here, about four months ago, I returned on the website again. Circumstances developed in such a way that in a short period, it was necessary to patch financial holes in the family budget.

I restored the old account. Anew underwent verification. Examined changes on payment of work of models (they became slightly better).

Even before, got the good laptop with the high-quality camera. It, allowed me to be more mobile, in respect of conducting live streamns. Now I am not tied only to the house, and I have an opportunity to work everywhere where there is Wi-Fi.

How much and how you can make money

I want, a little in more detail, to light a procedure for payment of work of models on the website. If you model the beginner which was just registered – that to you, at first, pay about forty percent from that sum which was paid by users for one token.

The cost of one token constantly fluctuates, though is not considerable. As I understood, it is connected with a ratio of euro exchange rate to dollar.

The website sells to clients tokens for euro, and calculation with models conducts in US dollars.

200 dollars will be the first minimum sum available to a conclusion. At me it collected approximately in ten days, after recovery of the account.

Initially, your balance is conducted in tokens. The reporting period undertakes Monday through Sunday.

The tokens collected for this period, are converted into dollars. Then next Friday, the saved-up dollars, transfer to your e-wallet.

In the subsequent if you actively work at the website, it is possible to remove any sum and at any time, according to your requirement.

To increase percent of the amount of payment of your work, it is necessary to load on the page in a profile, at least three photos.

And then, will pay you not forty percent, but forty-five.

And if you load also the video, then your rate will be raised to fifty percent. Pictures can be taken also from phone, but it is better to address in a photographic studio.

Qualitative photos, will be your additional competitive benefit, before other models.

And also, I advise in the subsequent, to invest in a small roller, for about one and a half minutes and to make its viewing paid, at least for 20 tokens.

It will provide you constant passive income, even when you not in network.

At me in phone, video from a trip to the sea shot by the girlfriend when I sunbathed topless was stored. Anything special.

Generally, a side view and from a back. I a little bit cut it, remounted and imposed music.

The general timing left one and a half minutes. My roller was already seen by more than 50 times within one and a half months. Plus, me the general percent of assignments for work increased.

At other models on the website, the cost of downloading of the video reaches 500 tokens, and the number of viewings reaches one and a half thousand pieces. So, existence of paid video on your page, will be not so superfluous.

For the first month, after the return to the website, I could remove slightly more than 450 US dollars.

If to count, what is the time I really spent for this work, then not the so bad result turns out.

As I, still work as the administrator in small cafe, to devote much time to a side job a web model, at me not really it turns out.

At first, I broadcast only from cafe.

Installed the laptop on the desktop, adjusted the camera and was engaged in current affairs on work.

Sometimes looking which of visitors visited the website. Further, continued on already independently fulfilled program: if, someone wrote to me, at once I try to start a conversation.

If, the person makes further contact, I continue to communicate and flirt. Then, I suggest to pass in “private” and to continue communication there, without strangers.

According to such scheme of work, I have an income of 15-20 dollars per day, and I give on it no more than two hours being in broadcasting, and even minutes ten-fifteen in “private”.

It while I visit not every day the website. Approximately in a month, I already created the circle of constant “admirers”.

The geography of their accommodation is very different. Generally, it is residents of the USA. There is one regular user, our former compatriot from Canada.

It is a pleasure to communicate with it – connected the microphone, and any literary trash.

Very generous the uncle, after each our communication, directly dumps to me thirty dollars on my purse.

Though such actions are also forbidden by rules of the website, and it is possible to receive a penalty for it. With it, I discuss his problems in private life, I tell, kind of arrived itself, in this or that situation.

We try to find together solutions in different life situations. Still I correspond with one “friend” from Brazil. But there anything interesting, only little flirtation.

Thus, by the end of the second month, I could already remove nearly 700 dollars.

And last month, my income made already more than seven hundred dollars. Now I guess what to consider the main work, and that a side job.

In the afternoon, I now seldom leave in broadcasting. I try to work in the evenings, mostly, on the weekend.

In one and a half-two hours of communication in the evening, I manage to earn 50-60 dollars.

    My personal record was 84 dollars in an evening.

Though there are evenings that it is possible to earn only dollars twenty. I try to work, only when there is a mood.

With a sour or tired look, it is better not to begin broadcasting. Only you will push away from yourself potential clients.

To the beginning models, I want to advise the following:

Add as “friend”, it is as much as possible users, from among those who at least once invited you in “private”, left a tip or just gave compliments.

Further, it will help you to facilitate search of solvent clients. Still, you will be able to see all the “friends” when they come into online.

Make them mailing, type: “Hi. I now in broadcasting. Come and we will communicate”.

Show personal activity in this plan. Most of visitors on a resource are the diffident, not self-assured people deprived of attention from an opposite sex and huge deficiency of communication.

They come to this website to realize some erotic imaginations, and quite generously pay those who can help them with it.

On the website, everything is arranged as well as in usual life.

    Men think that it they choose us, and actually, it we choose them, and then imperceptibly we push to that they made the choice in our advantage.

Each model, itself solves, then it will be able to draw attention to itself. I, do not want to discuss methods of other models which they use in order that paid attention to them.

Here, as well as everywhere, there are available girls, there are not available.

For myself, I chose an image expensive, not all of the available girl, but ready to communicate with many, and on any subjects.

Also, be ready that generally all these subjects, “will be lower than a belt”. If someone from users, behaves not adequately, offends you or just is rude – do not organize a squabble with it in an open chat.

It you can push away from yourself other, more sane users.

For such cases, developers thought up more graceful way. Any of those with whom you do not want to communicate can just be “banned”, one pressing of the button toolbars in “private office”.

Then, this user already will not be able in any way, something to write or to comment in your address. It is impossible to forget that on this website, people come to have a rest, lighten the mood.

Therefore, when you in broadcasting – be positive, smile as much as possible, especially when you look in the camera. Always you thank those who left you at least one token, or just gave a compliment.

The bulk of users, will be aspires to seeing you, as much as possible undressed, having paid for it as little as possible, or not having paid at all.

You, have several options to earn from such desires. Or to show all the delights in a free chat and to wait for it for a tip.

You can, expose the ready price tag in the profile, with the detailed description that how much. Or, like from “Thousand and one night”, long to entertain the users fairy tales in “private”. The last option, was for me more acceptable.

So far all this that I can tell, relying on the modest experience. Perhaps, to which of you, this article will help to become more financially independent. Try and at you everything will turn out.

It is possible to be registered on the website according to this reference – Registration.